About Us

SafeTGreen Carpet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service provider in the Jacksonville, Florida metro area.

Every carpet cleaning expert in our family-owned and operated carpet cleaning company is an employee owner and has been professionally trained in the safest and most eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques. Our president has more than 20 years’ experience cleaning carpets and is a former manager and trainer for one of the nation’s oldest and largest carpet cleaning companies – an innovative firm that revolutionized professional carpet cleaning in the years after World War II.

After years of watching carpet cleaners introduce harsh and dangerous chemicals into people’s homes, endangering their customers, the environment and even their own technicians, he recognized the need for a new revolution in carpet cleaning – a shift to safe, environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products.

SafeTGreen Carpet Cleaning was born of that need. Taking advantage of recent innovations in the use of natural cleaning solutions we have found safe, effective and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions that are effective as their chemical-factory-produced counterparts. In fact, many of the natural products are more effective than the dangerous chemicals most carpet cleaners use.

Using the word innovative to describe natural products may seem strange, but it’s accurate. Our ancestors have used plant extracts as cleaning solutions for thousands of years, but only in recent years have they been adapted for use as modern commercial cleaning solutions.

When wall-to-wall carpeting first became popular in the last half of the 20th century most people were unaware of the dangers posed by both short- and long-term exposure to certain chemicals. Progress was synonymous with technology – from automatic dishwashers to the space program – and professional carpet cleaners had little motivation to explore new uses for old cleaning techniques when chemical companies were promising instant results with their new products.

Only in the past few years have a small but dedicated corps of safety engineers and natural scientists begun exploring ways to use things like thyme, citrus oil and coconut oil as commercially viable cleaning products. As their research progresses we will continue to look to them for the safest, most effective and most environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions and stain removers.

If you’re ready to rid your carpets of dirt, germs and chemical residue book a SafeTGreen Carpet Cleaning service online today.

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Reviews from Real Customers

“Safe T Green was wonderful! They came immediately to pick up my area rug. Listened completely to my concerns about thoroughly cleaning the rug for my 2 babies. Then promptly returned the rug and set it up for me. I would not only use them again, but recommend them to everyone!” - Amber, Fleming Island